A Library of Quadratic Programming Instances

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This website hosts a collection of problem instances from the diverse class of quadratic programming problems. Starting from 8,164 submitted instances, the final version of QPLIB contains 251 discrete and 116 continuous instances of different characteristics. For details on the library see the preprint

and the statistics and documentation pages on this website. When using QPLIB, please cite the article above. The BibTeX entry is here.

History and updates


The following researchers have been involved in the creation of QPLIB:

We want to thank the Gaspard Monge Program for Optimization and Operations Research (PGMO) and GAMS for their support of the QPLIB project.


For questions and comments please contact the main coordinators Fabio Furini and Emiliano Traversi at qplib2014@gmail.com.

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